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Here by my side, it's Heaven

here by my side, you are destruction

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Name:Father Alexander Anderson
Location:Holy See
“In French, the verb blesser means ‘to wound.’ In English, ‘to bless’ is to confer spiritual power on someone or something by words or gestures. When children are christened or baptized in some Christian churches, the priest or minister blesses them by sprinkling holy water on their faces. But the modern word has darker, stranger roots. It comes from the Old English bletsian which mean ‘to sprinkle with blood’ and makes me think of ancient, grim forms of religious sacrifice where blood not water was the liquid possessing supernatural power - makes me remember standing as a boy so close to a scene of violence that the blood of it baptized me. To wound, to confer spiritual power, to sprinkle with blood.”

— Gregory Orr, The Blessing, pp. 3-4

Roleplaying journal for Alexander Anderson from Hellsing by Kouta Hirano. I am not Anderson or Mr. Hirano (though it would be hilarious if I was), no money is being made from the use of this journal, and no copyright infringement should be inferred.

Mun and character are over 18.
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